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Like a good deal? Maybe a hagglebot can help.  BBC News

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Science on Screen!

AI and the movie “Her”

Enzian theatre, Orlando, FL

Media Engagements

July 2023
AI, General Commentatary

WFTV, Orlando

May 2023
AI in Healthcare

WESH News, Orlando (Link)

April 2023 Annual, Since 2019
Technology, Emotion, and Negotiation

Invited Lecture, Washington University in St. Louis

March 2023
Science on Screen: Her

Enzian Theatre, Orlando (Link)

February 2021
Philomathean Afternoon Tea Series, Guest Speaker

Invited Speaker, The Philomathean Society ϕ, University of Pennsylvania

January 2021
Designing Social Agents for Automated Negotiation

Invited Speaker, CECS Virtual Faculty Seminar Series, University of Central Florida

January 2021
Like a good deal? Maybe a hagglebot can help.

Quoted, BBC News

January 2021
ANAC 2020

Human-Agent League Chair, IJCAI Demonstration Special Session

March 2020
Socially-Aware Negotiating Agents for interdisciplinary CS Research

Invited Speaker, Northwestern University

February 2020
Socially-Aware Negotiating Agents

Invited Speaker, University of Central Florida

Human-Agent Negotiation: Challenges and Case Studies

Invited Speaker, International Workshop on Automated Negotiation (ACAN) 2018

Human-Like Agents for Repeated, Social Negotiation

Invited Speaker, International Workshop on Conflict Resolution in Decision Making (COREDEMA)