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Welcome to the main page for the Interactive Arbitration Guide Online (IAGO)!  IAGO is a platform for designing computer agents (AIs) that can negotiate with humans. If you are interested in researching how AIs can be effective in these kinds of social situations, you should consider downloading the Researcher’s API, which allows you to modify and improve our AI agents!  As a social scientist, you can also use IAGO by creating your own studies, and using our built-in agents!  

To get started, please consider the design tutorial or the installation guide

Please contact me directly for non-research (i.e., commercial) use of IAGO.


News & Updates

April 2023

Due to extenuating circumstances, we have cancelled the human-agent league of ANAC this year.  Please stay tune for future updates.

February 2023

ANAC Submission link: Opening Soon!

IAGO Environment FAQ: YouTube

June 2021

ANAC Submission link: Form

IAGO Environment FAQ: YouTube

May 2021

5/28 update: the virtual machine version of IAGO now provides a .ova format instead of simply the .vmdk harddrive.  This should be easier to import into virtualization software.

Registered attendees may attend ANAC virtual “office hours” on Zoom to ask questions.  These hours are held on:

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 from 8:30am-10am Central US Time: Recording | YouTube

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 from 12pm-2pm Central US Time: YouTube

If you need the links, please raise an issue on the portal or check the email newsletter!

ANAC Codebase and helpsite updated.  IAGO 2.3 available for download!

March 2021

ANAC 2021 will be hosted at IJCAI 2021 again this year!  Details about the ANAC competition are now available.

2021, Upcoming

New conflict-resolution modules for IAGO are in development, based on the Interests, Rights, and Power framework. 

January 2021

IAGO’s latest stable release (“Desdemona”) is used in the Automated Negotiating Agents Competition.